what is A-GAP’s mission statement:

we provide a reprieve for those seeking a technology free environment for contemplation & spiritual rejuvenation. our team is passionate about exploring tangible applications that guide individuals to limit technologies in order to develop their professional perspective & deepen their personal & spiritual life. we challenge you to hear the whisper of GOD through the silence we experience when we are free from technology.

what does A-GAP mean:

we intentionally create A-GAP in our lives with healthy technology habits in order to live with clarity, unity & simplicity.

where is it located:

each A-GAP experience is at a unique location. we have different locations for each experience, along with different guest speakers.

what is the cost?

all housing & meals are provided for FREE!


who is the A-GAP experience for?

these particular events are specifically designed for young adults (18-30’s). if you would like to partner with A-GAP & create a weekend designed specifically for your group please email us at [email protected]. we would love to work with you!

what are the sessions?

the sessions are designed to facilitate discussion & growth about how technology has impacted ourselves & our relationship with others & God. we will talk about why we need to have healthy technology habits & how to implement them in order to live with clarity, unity & simplicity. we will also explore how to have lasting rest & renewal through practicing the Sabbath & fostering authentic community.

who is speaking?

we bring in different guest speakers who address the importance of healthy technology habits & how to practically implement them. our executive director will also provide content with practical tools for how to live with clarity, unity & simplicity.

what is silence & solitude?

jan johnson defines it perfectly, “silence & solitude is detaching ourselves from the demands of our culture & breaking the power of hurry. a space is created within us in which our character can grow & out of this growing, transforming spirit, we can begin responding to life rather than reacting to it. from our time apart we gain inner silence, which frees us from the world. it equips us to grow as the person God is forming us to be.”

what is engaging in community?

sharing in fellowship with peers, free from the constant distractions associated with technology. this shows us how to pursue authentic & intimate relationships, even after we leave the weekend experience.

what is exploring creation?

exploring creation is as simple as getting out in nature, enjoying the breeze on our face, the water splashing our skin & the grass beneath our feet. we do this through hiking, water activities & other outdoor opportunities. each experience will vary but may include nature walks, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, zip-lining, rock wall climbing, yoga, group games, archery & ropes course.

what is enhancing creativity?

enhancing creativity involves different elements encouraging you to expand your creative outlets. each experience will vary, but might include hand-writing, rock-stacking, coloring, drawing, creative writing, poetry, calligraphy, drawing, crochet, leather crafts, candle making, tie dying & music.

what is executing change?

executing change incorporates writing out a guide to a balanced life that practices self-discipline through healthy technology habits, which leads to a thoughtful & transparent vision for your life. this will expand our potential for living with clarity, unity & simplicity.

how many people will be there?

we provide a welcoming environment with an intimate group of anywhere from 15-30 people. each experience varies in size.

what should I bring?

each experience has an individualized packing list depending on the location, activities & weather.

what is your religious affiliation?

we are founded & ran by non-denominational Christians. Jesus comes out in our story through personal experiences, because He is the catalyst for change in our lives. however, everyone & anyone is welcome regardless of their beliefs! we strive to create a safe environment where people can openly discuss their beliefs & questions in love.

what are alumni saying?

  • “going on the A-GAP experience allowed me to realize how often conversations with others get interrupted by technology. it was a relief to be able to captivate peoples’ full attention, & have deeper conversations without someone glancing at their phone. i don’t think we’ve realize how much the art of communication has been lost until the interruptions are taken away. this reprieve from technology has shown me that living in the moment & making time for your passions are things that are truly rewarding in life.” — lindsey ford
  • “i’ve never been to anything quite like this. we’ve done “detox” weekends & we have done personal development events, but never put the two together. amazing opportunity & I am so grateful to have been part of it!” — ron mcknight
  • “from coming to an A-GAP experience i watch so much less TV now & am more mindful of how much time I am spending scrolling through my phone. unless i am on-call for work, i sleep with my phone in another room.  lastly i try to make it a habit to call people instead of just checking in on social media.” — micah arfons
  • “i loved getting to have genuine connection with strangers & nature. i was able to be completely vulnerable for the first time in a long time & I felt more alive than I have in weeks being out in nature & on the water. i needed to have a technology break! this experience allowed me to feel more peace & rest because of being away from everything.” — anonymous

how can I help?

great question, thanks for asking!!

  • first, you can share A-GAP with any young adults (18-30’s) you know who might be interested in coming.
  • donate. we are a new non-profit whose experiences are free, which quickly adds up as you can imagine! we would appreciate any monetary support.
    • you can give by mailing a check to A-GAP: 330 North US HWY 1 Fort Pierce, FL 34952


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  • "this weekend was spent totally unplugged, with @agaplife, in a lake-house filled with 25 strangers. i am leaving feeling refreshed, centered & wildly appreciative of the insight i’ve gained. PLUS genuinely deep connections with new friends. if this is remotely interesting or has sparked questions, I would LOVE to share my experience with you!"⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
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we love hearing from our alumni! ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ 
thanks @kirstyn_elaine_ ☺️📷
  • today we honor the men, women & families who have selflessly served & protected our country. we are forever grateful for you 🙌🏼🇺🇸 #veteransday
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"this weekend @sarahjeanrogers & i went on a digital detox 📱 with @agaplife putting your phone down & BEING PRESENT is a skill that many of us have lost in this incredible age of technology (🙋🏼‍♀️). i am so grateful to have been reminded of how important it is to unplug & connect more deeply to God/others/ourselves in the last couple days. we ziplined.. kayaked.. watched for shooting stars.. read BOOKS... got to know each other over meals & around a campfire. i love being human. it is super messy & uncomfortable, but these seasons are often the richest ones of our lives if we allow ourselves to sit with it & others to be present for all that God is doing. He really wants to speak - it’s just up to us to make the space to hear His voice. thank you so much @bethany_baker_ and @agaplife for making this weekend possible!"