Our Vision

We aim to create space for those seeking quiet contemplation and spiritual rejuvenation.

By removing technology and providing tools that limit digital distractions, our team guides individuals and groups towards a more intentional way of life. Our goal is to facilitate growth, both personal and professional, foster clarity and community, and create space to deepen your spiritual journey. We challenge you to engage in healthy introspection. Explore creation with us, dig into your hidden creativity, and allow transformation to unfold. Our vision is rooted in the pillars of Clarity, Unity, and Simplicity.


In the absence of technological distractions, we create space to develop a thoughtful and transparent vision for your life. Clarity comes in the peaceful quiet of nature, unfettered by the daily rigors of living. With clarity comes vision.


We find community by practicing unity. Experience the power of connection through activities that encourage harmonious interaction with your peers.


In simplicity, one finds peace. When we shift our lives to a simpler model of living, we allow for a tranquil state of creativity, balance, and discovery.

Interested in the A-GAP experience? To partner with us, or if you’d like to send a group to one of our unique technology-free retreats, contact our team at [email protected]. We tailor each experience to the needs of your specific group.

Unplug and Experience Connectivity

“One of the best things you can do is physically separate yourself from the device.”

– Entrepreneur.com