Private Events

Host a private retreat in partnership with A-GAP where we craft an intentional program to meet the specific needs of your group.

Our tailor-made approach follows the pillars of A-GAP and its mission––to foster contemplation and spiritual rejuvenation in a technology-free environment–– while facilitating sessions and speakers that align with your group’s vision. Fill out the form below and we’ll collaborate to facilitate your ideal experience.


What People Are Saying

Matthew Reyna
Young Adult Pastor
May 2019

“Our illuminate Young Adult retreat with A-GAP was a blessing. As a group of “millennials” our lives are saturated with all things technology and social media. It is overwhelming. We were thankful to team up with Bethany and her team at A-GAP to disconnect from our devices and truly connect with the world around us. The team made it simple and fun to disconnect while also explaining why it is important to set the devices aside. I do not remember anyone saying they missed their phone. We were given simple tools we could use throughout our lives to be more aware of our surroundings and less consumed by the screen in front of us. Thank you A-GAP for an unforgettable weekend! We are excited to see you again soon!”

Dr. Gary Stratton
Dean of Arts & Sciences
Johnson University
September 2019

“Johnson University is excited to offer A-GAP retreats for all our first-year students on both of our campuses – Tennessee and Florida. I cannot think of a generation who need A-GAP more than our current, digitally-distracted college students. Having attending two A-GAP retreats myself, I wanted our entire student body to experience the life-changing freedom of technology as a tool rather than a master. Johnson students have experience significant personal and spiritual growth as a result of unplugging from their phones to connect more deeply with God, with one another, and even with themselves.”

Molly Conaway
Teaching Pastor
Crossings Faith Community
October 2019

“We realized there was a growing group of people in our faith community who longed for a chance to disconnect and engage in some spiritual practices. We also realized this was a great deal of work to coordinate and lead for such a small staff. A-GAP was a perfect way for us to get our people together for these purposes in a way that brought a refreshing look at technology but maintained the culture and DNA of Crossings.”


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Unplug and Experience Connectivity

“One of the best things you can do is physically separate yourself from the device.”