Non Faith-Based Events


A-GAP experiences create space for you to escape the noise and distraction that technology brings to intentionally focus on what you value in life. In picturesque locations, we guide and facilitate self-discovery in a technology-free environment. Away from the noise and distraction technology brings, we encourage participants to align how they spend their time with their values. How we spend our time determines who we will become. We equip those who join us with the tools needed to use technology as a useful tool rather than as a distraction taking away from what is important in life.

Enjoy a balance of solitude and community, active time outdoors, and elements to nurture creativity on our weekend-long retreats. Come as you are. Leave empowered to make positive changes.


“Pay attention to the feelings you get from being present and aware of your surroundings. Cherish the time you have for contemplation, meditation and creative endeavors, understanding that, by only using technology when necessary and for a limited time, you are regaining your connection with the real world and all it has to offer.”
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– Marygrace Sexton, CEO and Founder

Unplug and Experience Connectivity

“One of the best things you can do is physically separate yourself from the device.”