A-GAP Webinar on Cultivating Peace in Chaos with Alexa Eden

Online • Friday, 5/1/20

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Cultivating Peace in Chaos

QUIET THE NOISE: Too many digital responsibilities? Use this hour to silence the outside world, and explore how you’re really experience this crisis.

LIMIT DISTRACTIONS: Human’s essential nature is vulnerable to the ego. We’re prone to destroy and distract when we are not careful. Let’s reframe this, and finally give you back your power.

CULTIVATE PEACE: We may not be in control of our foreseeable future, but we do have the power to harness peace. Use these skills to be unstoppable – even in the face of uncertainty.

ORGANIZE YOUR MIND: Much to process in times like these. Don’t let your mind get caught up. Keep thinking big, while implementing internal systems to train and sustain even the darkest of waters.


Alexa Eden

Alexa Eden is an Urban Wellness Consultant that leverages empathy as a human technology to optimize humanity.

A main part of what Alexa does is advocate for sustainable living alongside technological advancement, and artificial intelligence. She speaks from the human potential perspective – addressing social, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual WELLbeing as tools to optimize our future.

Alexa also empowers creative solutions for lifestyle design and business development congruent with company / organizational challenges and goals.



Unplug and Experience Connectivity

“One of the best things you can do is physically separate yourself from the device.”

– Entrepreneur.com